Medical Staffing

More than an EMT with a bag. Hiring us guarantees an experienced medical professional, who can add to the look and feel of your event, shows up on time with the right equipment for the job.

And it’s less expensive than you think, so email us for a quote or just to pick our brain on your event. If we can add to the safety of an event we go home a little happier, even if we don’t get paid for it.

Most commonly our clients hire 1-3 staff to ensure prompt emergency medical response, but we are excellent at providing a system with the ability to respond, treat, evacuate, and care for patients in remote wilderness and technical terrain.

Email us with questions and we’ll give you our best answers! Call 720.244.8364 for immediate assistance.

Resources We Staff
• EMT, Paramedic, P.A., Physician, Technical Rescue
• Mountain Bike providers able to follow technical trails
• Providers in Quick Response Vehicles
• Providers on All-terrain evacuation vehicles
• BLS & ALS Ambulances for dedicated standby
• First Aid (AKA Triage) Tents
• Event Incident Dispatching