Our Philosophy

Event Medical Specialists was born out of a need for medical providers who understood customer service and could operate near or far from traditional resources.

We saw an opportunity for producers and individuals to be able to hire medically competent professionals who could mitigate risk and should the need arise, provide advanced medical care.  You won’t see us sitting in an ambulance- we’re proactive, engaged, and invested in the safety of your event. Friendly care, diligent planning, and event experience come together to provide our proactive service.

We provide a medical safety net for your event or adventure while maintaining the tone you desire.  From a private climbing getaway, to a 10,000 participant run, to a national championship athletic competition we can design and staff the medical system to fit your budget, desires, and legal requirements.

You can connect with us through email, by calling 720.244.8364, or writing us at P.O. Box 184 in Boulder.